Supply Chain Management

Constant balancing between changing customer requirements, cash flow optimization, and cost-efficient operations – sounds like an impossible equation but can be tackled with a pragmatic approach.

An efficient supply chain provides a solid backbone for your company to seek growth, utilize scarce resources optimally and maintain responsiveness in a turbulent world. We help you find practical and sustainable ways to solve the complex formula of supply chain optimization and turning it into a competitive edge of your company.

Supply chain optimization varies e.g. from managing fluctuating demand via the S&OP process to organizing sourcing in a more systematic way. No matter the challenge, companies need to find tools, ways of working, and transparency to support them in their day-to-day decision making.

Even more, it requires a mindset change in operative processes from a reactive mode to a proactive search for change opportunities and then implementing those effectively. Improved service level, shorter lead times, faster inventory turn, and portfolio profitability are key drivers for these optimization actions.

These initiatives are not one-off activities but rather form a journey that takes place over time. Once supply chain responsiveness has been embedded into the organization as a self-sustained and standard way of working it makes daily work more engaging and meaningful for professionals – and forms a source of competitive advantage that is very hard for competitors to copy.

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Supply chain optimization takes strict scoping to find bottlenecks with highest impact but benefits reflect throughout the company

Optimized processes as a backbone to enable scaling up your business

Quickly identify changes in demand and supply and understand the root causes per each phase of the supply chain. Plan coordinated responses and implement the changes fast. A responsive supply chain allows you to minimize your risk position and maximize growth potential.

Synchronized S&OP, flexible supply chain and risk-sharing solutions supported with scalable analytics are driving your business to the right direction to win in the new markets or businesses.

Boost profitability from cash, margin and cost-structure perspectives

Agile supply chains absorb little cash in e.g. inventories and thus enable profitable organic growth. Start with stock level optimization and continue to more comprehensive portfolio management by analyzing current product offering from COGS and ROCE perspectives to be able to plan correct actions.

Transparency, cross-functional collaboration, firm decision making and practical item-level actions lead to visible results in increasing inventory turn, improved service level and healthier cost-structure.

Responsive supply chain to adapt to constant change

A responsive supply chain can turn surprises into opportunities. In order to become responsive, a company must take decisive actions to reduce the effort, capital and risks required to operate the company in a normal state. This requires supply chain management designed to keep options open, transparency to detect changes early on and operative practices that enable fast and coordinated responses.

Winning tomorrow requires a supply chain that is built for agility.

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