Increasing your profitability

We are ready to tie our fee to the measurable results we achieve together

  • We partner with our clients in their journey to increase profitability through commercial & operational excellence. With a deep understanding and wide experience of pricing and optimizing working capital, we increase value creation and value capture.

  • We are fact- and data driven and always adapt theory and approach to fit our client’s business. This to secure value creation in all activities leading to measurable results.

  • We work closely with key-individuals at all levels of the organization, from the board of directors to the shop floor. Together we improve processes to implement the desired change.

  • We believe that value starts with people, and always have the overall aim to build a culture where value delivery and profitability are in focus. We do this through proper governance, group training sessions and personal coaching.

  • We enable sustainability and continuous development with digital tools that create visibility and insight. Monitoring of relevant KPIs and utilizing data in BI helps put important issues in focus to stimulate action, even after a completed successful project.

Profitability FAQ

What is profitability?

Profitability is about making more with less. A company with a solid EBIT-margin could still a low profitable if it requires a lot of capital for its operations. Therefore it is important to not only focus on P&L and bottom-line but also consider capital needs. This is important for investors and for the company to be able to grow in a sustainable way.

How can our profitability improve?

To improve profitability, a company needs to focus on both P&L and Balance sheets. Improving the topline could be done either by increasing sales or improving pricing whereas the bottom-line could be improved by cost optimization. The capital reduction could be derived both from review fixed and current assets. In order to realize quick gains, working capital optimization is often a good start, as effects will be are usually materialized within 12 months.

What are some common profitability mistakes companies make?

Focusing only on P&L is very common. Since this is only one part of profitability, companies will generally struggle to achieve good profitability if the capital side is overlooked.

How can Capacent_x help us improve our profitability?

By combining our experience from pricing, cost, and working capital optimization – we can provide a holistic approach to improving profitability. This provides our clients a more complete service and is an important enabler for long-term success.


Our services

Working Capital Management

Working Capital Management is about increasing the efficiency and profitability of your business. Simplified: Accounts Payables, Inventories, and Accounts Receivables constitute the cornerstones of WCM. By working with these aspects in a structured and fact-based way, companies can often release significant amounts of cash.

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Pricing is an excellent lever for increasing a company’s profitability without large investments. Optimizing a company’s pricing strategy is about understanding the underlying drivers of customer value and paying attention to the details in terms, targets, and KPIs. It will be achieved by using fact-based insights and practices and challenging previously established myths and practices.

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Supply chain management

Supply chain management is the art of optimizing the flow of goods and services. Optimizing the supply chain impact various aspects of the value chain, leveraging improvements in several areas of an organization. Use data and analytics to optimize and improve your business.

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