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Setting up a sales and operation planning process

Sales and operations planning (S&OP) is something most companies have heard of, and many are working more or less actively with it. From our experience though, it is seldom emphasized enough, and the existing process might be outdated given current situation. We give you a 6-step checklist for setting up a proper S&OP process.

How to cope with uncertainties in the supply chain

One big issue when it comes to meeting customer demand is the combination of increasing demand within certain sectors while supply chains are dealing with more uncertainty. 

This article gives some tips on how to deal with the issues using dual sourcing as a solution.


Pricing Excellence: The right price to the right customer at the right time

Setting the right price to attract as many customers as possible is tough. Getting actual profit from your price and protecting your margins is tougher. This article covers price setting and price getting, and the difference between the two. We share three tips on minimizing price leakages and finding hidden costs, all to optimize your profit.

What is the pay-off time for a working capital project

It’s important to understand that capital comes at a cost. Either it is interest rate from a bank, or it is expectation of yield from owners - financiers will demand some return on their investment. What is the pay-off time for a working capital project instead?



Are we performing consistently well or stably poor within Working Capital?

When is it time to improve? 5 points to consider when evaluating your Working Capital performance.




Working Capital as a financier

To find the right source of financing is vitally important for any business. A solution possible for all companies, is to start by looking within the company itself.  





How to reap the benefits of value-based pricing?

Value-based pricing is a better strategy than ever in today’s business world. In this article, we will go through what is needed to introduce value as a basis for your pricing. 





Stopping price leakages – the first step towards better pricing

Where do you start if the pricing maturity is low? A good starting point is to take a critical look at existing processes around price realization, or price getting. Even small improvements in an organization’s discounting practices can bring quick wins and significant profit improvement from leakage prevention.


When does it make sense to apply dynamic or variable pricing?

All businesses with restricted capacity, perishable inventory, fluctuating demand and customer segments with different underlying needs and differing willingness to pay can look for ways to utilize some form or degree of dynamic pricing to cater to the needs of a larger potential target audience and optimize their revenues.


How is your working capital performance compared to your competitors?

Working capital performance is a strong indicator of a healthy and well-run company but might differ between markets and industries. An indication of relative performance compared to competitors provides a better understanding of your position on the market and possible improvement areas.

How to profit from dynamic pricing in any business

How would your business benefit from a more even demand, from filling up capacity, from capturing the value provided to customers with high willingness to pay, while still serving the customers looking for a low price. How would this affect your P&L statement, and what would you need to do to get there?


How does your position in the value chain affect your working capital – and what to do about it? - A guide for wholesalers

We provide advice and examples on how to tackle challenges in the wholesaler part of the value chain and how to improve the process.

Prepare for financial challenges - improve liquidity through a cash race

Facing upcoming challenges – either caused by Coronavirus disruption or any other underlying cause – freeing up cash rapidly to secure access to capital and a good cash position will be key to minimize losses.