As a graduate or young professional starting at Capacent_x, you will join us as an analyst. The role is designed to boost your learning curve and facilitate your development from a newly employed team member to a full-fledged management consultant. When working as an analyst at Capacent_x you will be working with competent, enthusiastic and professional colleagues, all eager to support your journey.

By instantly becoming involved in projects, combined with continuous education in everything from our tools and methods to presentation skills, you will get a solid foundation to build upon for your future as a consultant. From day one, you will realize our non-hierarchical culture and take responsibility for internal assignments to become an active contributor to the team's and to your personal development. We are a smaller consulting firm and experts at what we do. You will have the opportunity, and be encouraged to, influence the company and all aspects of our business.

As an analyst you will receive:

  • First-hand project involvement
  • Education and development of management consulting specific skills
  • Coaching, mentoring, and a strong focus on personal development

Your days will be filled with direct impact on company development, customer projects and interactions, and a steep learning curve with new experiences every day.

The position will be full time and start in September 2021 at our Stockholm office.



  • M.Sc. In Engineering, Finance, Business or similar, with a strong academic record
  • Strong written and verbal skills in both Swedish and English
  • Skillset includes problem-solving, analytic flexibility, and commitment



Apply by filling out the form below.

Attach a CV, Personal letter, and Transcript of university grades.

In your personal letter, explain why you apply to Capacent, why you seek a career in management consulting and why your experiences and skills will be a good fit for the position.

The application closes on the 28th of February.


Assessment day on the 11th of March.

Contact if you have any questions.


We look forward to your application!

What’s It Like to Work Here?

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Anton_Efraimsson (1)


Anton Efraimsson

M.Sc. Accounting and Finance - Lund University

"In my first contact with Capacent, I was intrigued by the open culture and the decentralized way of working. In an industry otherwise characterized by large organizations and rigid structures, I wanted to be part of a smaller organization where I would have the opportunity to actively impact the business, take responsibility, and become an active contributor from day one. My expectations were met and right from the start I have been involved in challenging projects and complex issues which is incredibly developing. Highly competent and inspiring colleagues is also a big plus!  

During my first few months, I have had time for an intensive and educational onboarding with training in the tools we use the most. After the onboarding, I quickly got up and running and working in projects. The assignments are in the area of working capital, which is one of our areas of expertise. In these projects, we help companies highlight issues and optimize processes to release tied capital that can be invested in the business. It is very rewarding to see how my contribution to the project results in actual value for our customers."


Sofia Hagel

M.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management - Linköping University

"My decision to join Capacent felt natural from our first contact. I was attracted to a company with an open, non-hierarchical culture,  driven by its employees' initiatives and ideas. At work, I am not only surrounded by colleagues who are driven, fun and intelligent, but also by colleagues who value community and each other's personal development, which has provided me with an environment where I can thrive and develop at maximum speed!

My time at Capacent has so far been filled with exciting projects, developmental assignments, and training, with great support from helpful colleagues. Since my first day, I have contributed with analysis in projects, support in sales meetings, and internal projects - something that has resulted in an incredibly steep development curve!"

Sofia_Hagel (1)

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