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Working at Capacent

Our trademark at Capacent is a strong focus on execution and results. We have a value-driven culture and our purpose is to make people and value grow.

Without growing People, there will be no growing Value. We believe that the best people will want to work for an organization, that explicitly sees personal growth and development as a target itself, not just a means.

We also believe that when we focus on growing people, including the people of our client organizations, any change and value growth will be sustainable and long-term. Therefore, growing people is at the heart of Capacent.


Available Positions

Spontaneous application

Reach out to us if you feel that your mindset, ambition, and curiosity would be a good match.


What is it like to work here?

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We are experts at what we do and one of the leading management consultancies in our areas of expertise in Sweden. Years of experience and projects have led to a high-achieving environment with a lot of knowledge within the company.

Personal development and the possibility to impact

We are not better than our employees' competencies and therefore we must continuously develop to improve further. By letting our employees drive initiatives, share knowledge, and create real impact, both internally and for our customers, we can achieve progress.

At Capacent, we develop as a team and support each other in our individual development through personal coaching, structural feedback, and internal training sessions. We value personal development and strive to learn and continuously move forward, together. We believe in our employees' personal development encourage initiatives and responsibility, and reward performance.

Being a Capacentian

Our employees are as committed to their colleagues' development and well-being as their own. We work as one team, complement each other, and grow together. By applying a non-hierarchical culture, and encouraging employee initiatives and internal projects, our company truly embodies that it is run by the employees. We trust each individual to always strive to contribute, allowing us to develop collectively.

Capacent_x is also a part of the Capacent group with our sister companies, doing group-wide social activities, and exchanging insights with each other. 

Working at Capacent

Our employees are our greatest resource. We understand that a good work-life balance creates satisfied and healthy individuals that can deliver results and be contended simultaneously. Flexibility in working hours, generous benefits, and an open and comfortable culture where our employees can thrive, combined with frequent coaching and development progression, creates a solid foundation.


Some of us

Anton LinkedIn-1


Anton Efraimsson

"In my first contact with Capacent, I was intrigued by the open culture and the decentralized way of working. In an industry otherwise characterized by large organizations and rigid structures, I wanted to be part of a smaller organization where I would have the opportunity to actively impact the business, take responsibility, and become an active contributor from day one. My expectations were met and right from the start I have been involved in challenging projects and complex issues which is incredibly developing. Highly competent and inspiring colleagues is also a big plus!  

During my first few months, I have had time for an intensive and educational onboarding with training in the tools we use the most. After the onboarding, I quickly got up and running and working in projects. The assignments are in the area of working capital, which is one of our areas of expertise. In these projects, we help companies highlight issues and optimize processes to release tied capital that can be invested in the business. It is very rewarding to see how my contribution to the project results in actual value for our customers."


Carl Bergström

"During my first time at Capacent_x, I've received a warm welcome from all my colleagues and got right into an interesting project in North America. In the project, we support a large client by reducing tied capital and improving service levels towards their customers. Working on a project both increase the speed of acclimatization and learning, and I feel that I've received a flying start and look forward to the future.

After a few years as a management consultant within strategic pricing, I joined Capacent_x to broaden my knowledge within profitability improvement, partly remaining within pricing, but also in Capacent_x:s other areas Working Capital Management and Supply Chain."

Carl Bergström


Sofia Hagel

"My decision to join Capacent felt natural from our first contact. I was attracted to a company with an open, non-hierarchical culture,  driven by its employees' initiatives and ideas. At work, I am not only surrounded by colleagues who are driven, fun and intelligent, but also by colleagues who value community and each other's personal development, which has provided me with an environment where I can thrive and develop at maximum speed!

My time at Capacent has so far been filled with exciting projects, developmental assignments, and training, with great support from helpful colleagues. Since my first day, I have contributed with analysis in projects, support in sales meetings, and internal projects - something that has resulted in an incredibly steep development curve!"