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Capacent_x, management consultants that

Capacent_x, management consultants that
develop your working capital and pricing

How can we Help?

We are operative Changemakers, focusing on the solutions with the highest impact.

Improving profitability is at our core. We work hands-on with our customers, using data-driven insights and empower people to achieve measurable and sustainable results.

Capacent stands out from other consulting firms that often work from a pre-defined theoretical model and rarely adapt and focus enough on our industry. Capacent are responsive, knowledgeable and professional to work with. The Capacent project management was great – a professional and pleasant collaboration. Without much previous industry experience, they quickly understood our business and learned how our business works.

Kent Jonsson
CEO, Upplands Motor

Capacent have unique experience in pricing strategies and have added significant value to several of our portfolio companies. They have been very supportive both in terms of providing general pricing strategy insights and frameworks as well as deliver very specific advice on price level construction and pricing communication.

Tove Larsson
General Partner, Norrsken VC

As a result of working with Capacent, the organization learned to constantly evaluate our ways of working, which was especially important in the dramatic market changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Capacent consultants did a great job managing the project and implementation with focus, a hands-on approach and speed – which is why we can see the results today.

Mats Benson
General Manager, Fagersta Stainless

The project with Capacent provided us with a foundation and structure to manage working capital. Together we made the change happen, and now the different teams within the company are working together to handle the pandemic crisis. Without the project we would be in a worse situation.

Together with Capacent we got our people onboard on the change journey. By supporting their action plans on facts and figures, they got us working towards a common goal.

Frederic Regert
Vice President Transformation, Finances & IT - Rossignol

Some of our cases

ViaCon - Working Capital Management project

Through a new reporting system, individuals were empowered to take fact-based decisions by having access to relevant data available at all levels.

Established a cash culture in the organization and on track to reach target of 35% reduction in tied up capital.


Fagersta Stainless - Working Capital Management project

Shorter lead times and 30% inventory reduction for a global and leading producer of stainless wire rod and drawn wire. Analytics of inventory flows and simulation of changes in ordering processes led to shortened lead times and increased flow efficiency. 



Rossignol - Working Capital Management project

The project established a cash culture within the organization, establish common ways of working and reduce working capital. With cross-company collaboration and on-site project management, the goal of sustainable results and reduced working capital was achieved. 


Increasing your profitability

We are ready to tie our fee to the measurable results we achieve together

  • We partner with our clients in their journey to increase profitability through commercial & operational excellence. With a deep understanding and wide experience of pricing and optimizing working capital, we increase value creation and value capture.
  • We are fact- and data driven and always adapt theory and approach to fit our client’s business. This to secure value creation in all activities leading to measurable results.
  • We work closely with key-individuals at all levels of the organization, from the board of directors to the shop floor. Together we improve processes to implement the desired change.
  • We believe that value starts with people, and always have the overall aim to build a culture where value delivery and profitability are in focus. We do this through proper governance, group training sessions and personal coaching.
  • We enable sustainability and continuous development with digital tools that create visibility and insight. Monitoring of relevant KPIs and utilizing data in BI helps put important issues in focus to stimulate action, even after a completed successful project.

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Latest Insights


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Download our Profitability eBook

This eBook will guide you towards understanding and improving the profitability of your business by teaching the foundational understanding and hands-on examples of sustainable improvements. Profitability is a cross-functional effort that need to focus on the various aspects influencing the business’ profitability. We will discuss how different areas, such as pricing and cost-management, play their role in the profitability game.


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